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Greens Support Frack Free Notts

March 2014

Greens in the East Midlands have expressed support for Frack Free Notts and share their concern at the exploratory drilling near Retfdord.

Dart Energy are setting up a mobile drill site near to Sutton cum Lound. The Company claim that this is a temporary site but local residents are very concerned that it may lead to a major gas field on their doorstep, using the controversial technique of 'fracking'.

Speaking about the development, Kat Boettge, the Greens lead candidate in the European Elections this May said, 'Dart Energy are not drilling this site out of curiosity, they know that it is on the North Notts Coalfield. Their purpose is to determine the potential gas yield, and if it is high enough they will be back. If they have to use horizontal drilling to reach enough gas, then they will use fracking.'

The Green Party is critical of the Government's support for fracking in the UK. They say that the gas produced is still a fossil fuel and that burning it adds to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and increases the risk of climate change. [1]

Ms Boettge went on to say that the money used for fracking would be far better invested in renewable energy. 'Renewables is the way ahead, if we rely on fossil fuels, prices will continue to rise as the fuels run out. With wind and wave power and solar energy, the fuel never runs out.'

Dart Energy are claiming that they will not be using fracking as they are looking for Coalbed Methane. Commenting on this claim, Ms Boettge said, 'What concerns me about this drilling is that they are trying to find out how much coal there is down there. My fear is that they may be interested in using Underground Coal Gasification. [2] The impact of this would be just as great as fracking. I totally support the local community in its opposition to the drilling.'

1. Ten reasons to oppose fracking:

2. Underground coal gasification (UCG) is an industrial process, which converts coal into product gas. UCG is an in-situ gasification process carried out in non-mined coal seams using injection of oxidants, and bringing the product gas to surface through production wells drilled from the surface.

Fare rises further strengthen case for bringing railways back into public hands

24 December 2013

As rail companies in England announced fare rises for 2014, commuters and their household budgets received more bad news.

Firms are allowed to put fares up by much as 2% above the agreed price-increase figure which, for 2014, is 3.1%.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett said: "This latest price hike is going to put a dampener on many commuters' Christmas, and be a boost to support for Green MP Caroline Lucas's private members' bill calling for the railways to be brought back into public hands.

"Travellers face overcrowded journeys as standard on too many routes, on the most crowded trains in Europe.

"They face immensely costly journeys, and they know that more than £1bn of their cash is going into the 'black hole' of privatisation inefficiencies, plus billions more in declared and undeclared government subsidies.

"Casual users face a confusing fare structure that often leaves them paying more than they need or trapped with penalty fares due to confusion.

"It's time to say enough: privatisation has failed, we need to bring the railways back into public hands."

Government Failure on Flooding, Fracking and Climate Change

February 2014

East Midlands Greens call for Environment Secretary Owen Paterson to be sacked

Greens in the East Midlands have added their voice to the growing call for the Prime Minister to sack Environment Secretary Owen Paterson. They cite a string of failures which demonstrate his inability to fulfil his role as head of the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (Defra).

His commitment to the failed Badger Cull, his incredible complacency over climate change, his support for fracking in rural areas and his inability to respond to the widespread flooding across the country all render him unfit for the post.

Kat Boettge, the Greens lead candidate in the European Elections this May said, 'We seriously need an Environment Minister who understands science. Paterson totally rejected the clear scientific advice on badger culling, which said that culling could make things worse, wasted millions of pounds of public money, and still he wants to roll this failed policy out across the country, including across the East Midlands.'

Ms Boettge revealed that Defra will spend just £17.2m on domestic climate change initiatives this financial year, a 41 per cent decline on the previous 12 months. 'The overwhelming majority of scientists and a growing number of economists are saying that this is the greatest threat facing human civilisation. Yet here we have a minister who is denying science, and saying that he wants to see fracking 'all over rural parts of the UK.'

The final straw for the Greens was the Environment Secretary's abortive visit to communities in flood-hit Somerset in which he spoke to the cameras but ignored local people affected by the floods. 'Flooding is a big risk to 40% of the Trent Valley, we need effective and well maintained flood defences and water management in our region; the Governments own advisers have said that flooding is the biggest threat we face as a result of climate change yet what does this Government and its Environment Minister do? Cut the budget of the Environment Agency by over half a billion pounds, and lay off 1700 staff.

'Paterson seems to have no idea what the environment means or what it means to be the minister for it. People may view his comments about badgers 'moving goalposts' or anti-fracking campaigners winning the arguments because of their 'exciting clothes and banners' as the lines of a stand-up comic. Perhaps it's time he considered a change of career.'

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